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Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss
6 Month Program $3799

The 6-Month Commitment Wellness Program is designed for an individual who is eager to delve a little deeper into their wellness journey. Over 6 months, we can cover more ground and get you that much closer to your goals. We will work together 1:1 over 6 months to help reach your wellness and lifestyle goals using personalized tools and strategies.

Program Details

  • Unlimited review of food journals
  • Unlimited email access (Stuck? Get answers to pressing questions within 48 hours)
  • Once weekly check-in calls (phone, 15-30 minutes in length)
  • Once monthly meeting (video chat, phone, or a combination to meet your needs, 50 minutes in length)
  • Personalized tools to help achieve a healthy weight
  • Personalized tools to help you implement lifestyle and behavior adjustments recommended by your physician or identified by you as areas in which you could use additional guidance, support, and/or accountability
  • Recap of consultation sessions with detailed notes and action steps (via email)
  • Handouts, healthy recipes
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Grocery shopping tips/lists
  • Virtual cupboard clean-out x 2
This photo was taken during the 2018 Midwest Yoga and Oneness Festival where people of all ages came to learn more about peace within. It was an awesome experience being able to photograph this event. I would love to continue down this road of event photography.