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About Shri O. Noel, MD
I am a board-certified internal medicine physician

I trained and previously practiced at the University of Rochester Medical Center, one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers. One of the things I loved most about practicing medicine was counseling patients on lifestyle changes and weight loss. However, during a short 20-minute office visit, there was not enough time to dive deep into just HOW to implement these changes. Primary care physicians, although incredibly well-meaning, simply do not have the time they need cover all these issues in detail, while also attending to all your other important health care needs. I founded Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss in Vienna, VA, so that I can spend time doing what I am most passionate about. I spend time with my clients, educating and coaching them regarding their wellness and lifestyle behaviors so they are equipped with all the tools needed to reach their personal wellness and lifestyle goals. My work with my clients is not as their doctor. I do not take the place of your current physicians. Instead, as a wellness coach, I can help bridge any knowledge gaps so that you have all the information you need to make good choices to help improve your overall wellness and your life!

Get to know Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss, a wellness coach for women in Vienna, VA