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What a Wellness Coach Needs to Customize Your Program
October 13, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Working with a wellness coach provides you with all sorts of benefits. You can develop and plan goals, identify pain points, and even improve your weight loss results.

One of the biggest advantages I can do as a coach is to customize our approach based on your exact needs. From lifestyle and behavior adjustments to weight loss accountability partners, I'll create a solution that meets you right where you are.

One question I often receive from my clients is, “How can I get the most from my wellness coaching sessions?” Below, I’ve provided a list of all things I need from you to customize your program and maximize your outcomes.

I Need Honesty

The first thing any coach needs is an open and honest perspective. The only way you'll make progress in your weight loss goals is to be completely open and honest — both with yourself and with me, your coach.

Your honesty helps me learn and understand who you are and what you need. From there, I can shape a program around this information to help you get there.

Remember, certified wellness coaches keep things confidential and private for clients. You can rest assured that I will only use this information in the context of your sessions and your program.

I Need You to Be Prepped and Punctual

You'll usually schedule your coaching sessions ahead of time. To respect my time (and yours), you need to be present and prepared for your meeting.

A custom-built program relies on checkpoints and milestones to be completed within certain time frames. If you continually miss appointments or times, you will also affect the customized plan you're following.

Timeliness can sometimes be a challenge whether you're visiting in person or in a virtual session. If you need to take some extra steps to make sure you're on time, do it.

I Need You to Be Open to New Things

Customized plans will require you to work on things that may be new or different to you. While this is sometimes challenging, the goal is to custom-develop your plan and promote your success potential.

I always ask my clients to keep their minds open when working with me. I won't push you too hard or too far in my recommendations. Instead, I'll use what I've learned from you to get you on a plan that helps you lose weight and feel better.

I Need You to Speak Up

The most critical part of your custom-built plan is you. In order to make your plan work best, I need to hear from you!

Is something not working for you? Are there gaps in your wellness journey that you’d like to address? Let me know!

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. The same principle applies here in our relationship.

Talk to me about where we are, how we’re doing, and if you’d like to make adjustments. I’ll continue to ask along the way. But never be afraid to speak up if you’d like to reassess your plan.

Get Started Today

Here at Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss, my philosophy is simple: to take you toward improved wellness and happiness. I want you to find a path that not only takes you where you want to go — but also keeps you there.

We’ll work together to find a route that is realistic, achievable, and enjoyable. That way, you can live your happiness now and into the future.

To learn more about my services or to book a consultation, get in touch with me today.