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Questions to ask during a health and wellness coach consultation
December 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Questions to ask during a health and wellness coach consultation

Hiring a health and wellness coach is a great way to help break bad habits holding you back from being the best version of yourself. However, it can also be challenging to find the right person to coach you. Setting up an initial consultation to get to know a potential health and wellness coach is a great way to get started. At Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss, I want to help you get to know your prospective coach, so I’ve put together a few questions to ask to get started.

What’s your background?

Not every health and wellness coach will come from the same background. Some have worked as personal trainers and will focus more on the physical fitness aspect of your health. Other coaches might take a more holistic approach and offer more non-traditional advice. Ask your prospective coach what kind of background they’re coming from, so you can decide whether their methods will be suitable for you.

Do you have a specialty?

As we previously touched on, there are multiple ways to focus on your health. There’s not going to be a single solution that fits everyone, which is fine. Ask your prospective coach if there’s an area of health and wellness that they specialize in. Specialties can include fitness, nutrition, weight loss, smoking cessation, and many more. Understanding their specialty will give you an idea of the type of wellness plan they’ll formulate for you or if they’re right for you at all.

How do you communicate with clients?

A line of communication between you and your coach is essential to your success. Your coach is going to want to check in with you periodically to find out about the progress you’re making toward your goals. However, consider how they’re going to communicate with you. Not everybody is comfortable with or has time to talk on the phone for 15 minutes every day to check in. For some, a daily text message is sufficient to encourage healthy habits. Learn how a coach likes to communicate with their clients so you can decide if it matches your personality and daily schedule.

Will you hold me accountable?

Having someone hold you accountable is a vital part of setting and reaching goals. The answer to this question from any coach should be a resounding, “Yes!” A wishy-washy health and wellness coach who isn’t willing to hold you accountable for working toward your goals isn’t worth your time. Think of it this way; if you didn’t want somebody to hold you accountable for what you’re doing to meet your goals, you probably wouldn’t have been thinking about hiring a coach in the first place.

How can your coaching help me?

Every health and wellness coach should be able to tell prospective clients how they plan to help them. Creating a unique plan that meets a client’s needs should always be a priority as there’s no one size fits all solution to improving your health. Listen to your prospective coach’s plan for you and think about how you feel about it. If you feel like it’s something that will accomplish your goals, get started right away.

Schedule your consultation

You can ask me these questions and more by scheduling a consultation. At Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss, I’m here to work as your health and wellness coach to help you reach personal fitness and wellness goals. Give me a call at 703-230-0100 or send a message via the online contact form to set up a meeting. You can also use the calendar tool to book your appointment.