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Get to know Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss
August 21, 2020 at 6:33 PM
by Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss
Get to know Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss, a wellness coach for women in Vienna, VA

Losing weight and getting into shape is a goal that many women share. But between work and social obligations, it can be difficult sticking to an exercise routine. At Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss, our wellness coach for women in Vienna, VA, is the helping hand you need.

We offer a variety of wellness coaching services so you can reach your goals and feel your best. Learn more about us below, and see how our unique approach sets us apart.

The story behind Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss

Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss is led by Shri O. Noel, M.D., a board-certified internal medicine physician. She previously trained and practiced medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

One of her favorite parts of being a doctor was counseling patients on lifestyle changes and weight loss, and being able to see their transformations once they committed to a healthier lifestyle. However, since these quick sessions were usually no more than 20 minutes, there wasn’t enough time to talk about how to make these lifestyle changes.

With today’s healthcare system, patients and their doctors simply don’t have enough time during appointments to talk in-depth about nutrition, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Dr. Noel founded Step by Step Wellness and Weight Loss.

Now, Dr. Noel is able to spend time doing what she loves most: counseling and educating women about how to reach their personal wellness goals.

Our unique approach to wellness coaching and weight loss

There's more to losing weight than just “calories in, calories out,” especially as women age. That’s why we offer customized wellness coaching services that take into consideration your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Current fitness level
  • Age and hormonal factors
  • Relevant health conditions

Learn more about our unique approach:

A focus on health, not just aesthetics

Losing weight can help you look your best, but it’s not just about aesthetics. Our coaching services are grounded in helping you live a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll create a customized weight loss plan that allows you to shed pounds sustainably, and we’ll make sure you have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Our wellness coach for women in Vienna, VA, has extensive health knowledge

While Dr. Noel does not take the place of your current physician, as a wellness coach, she can bridge any knowledge gaps you have about living a healthy lifestyle. This will empower you to make informed choices regarding your wellness.

One-on-one sessions for powerful transformations

During your one-on-one sessions, Dr. Noel will take the time to understand your goals and address your questions or concerns. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, or you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, these in-depth sessions will help you achieve transformative results.

Speak with our wellness coach in Vienna, VA

When it comes to weight loss, everyone needs a little help sometimes, and we’d love to be part of your wellness journey. We offer a variety of programs to suit your needs, and coach men as well as women.

Schedule a free consultation today to take the next step.