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6 tips for safely losing weight with Step By Step Wellness and Weight Loss in Virginia
March 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
6 tips for safely losing weight with Step By Step Wellness and Weight Loss in Virginia

Sometimes we set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthier, but it falls by the wayside by March. Our lives get crazy and it’s tough to change habits. Despite not getting the year off to the start that you want, it’s never too late to think about your health. With help from Step By Step Wellness and Weight Loss in Virginia, you can start working on yourself. Keep reading below for six tips to get you started.

Get moving

If you’re looking to improve your overall health, a great place to start is to simply get moving. You don’t have to go out and run five miles on the first day. Your movement should be in accordance with your abilities. Baby steps are just fine. Whether you are ready to go out and run five miles or need to start by walking to the end of the street and back, it doesn’t matter. Get your body moving and used to burn off calories. You will get used to moving and be able to do more as you lose weight.

Eat a protein-rich breakfast

Get your day started right with a protein-rich breakfast. Your breakfast gets you moving each day and eating a breakfast that’s high in protein gives you long-lasting, sustainable energy. Proteins take much longer for your body to completely break down than carbohydrates, so the energy provided will last longer and keep you from getting hungry sooner.

Eat slower

It takes time for your stomach to send the messages to your brain that you’re full. When you eat quickly, you continue to eat while your stomach is processing this information and relaying it to your brain. If you eat slower, you give your body a chance to process “being full” and eat less. Additionally, your body will produce more weight-loss hormones.

Get good sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause myriad health problems. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will not only produce more ghrelin (a hormone that makes you feel hungry) but you put your body under unnecessary stress, which causes your body to produce more cortisol. These two factors lead to overeating and natural weight gain. Get a good night’s sleep each night and you will find that your overall health improves over time.

Eat more whole foods

Foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish, and other unprocessed foods are considered whole foods. These are all rich in proteins, healthy fats, and fiber that will fill you up while providing sustainable energy. Your body will feel full much longer than eating processed foods and cravings for unhealthy snacks throughout the day will go down.

Avoid sugary drinks

Sugary drinks will have more of a negative impact on your weight loss goals than just about anything. Drinks like soda and fruit juices are loaded with sugar, which will contribute more to belly fat than anything. Consider replacing your sugary drinks with water or flavored sparkling water if you prefer to have a lightly flavored drink.

Bonus: work with Step By Step Wellness and Weight Loss

If you’re having trouble breaking old habits and creating new, healthier habits to improve your health, a wellness coach can help. At Step By Step Wellness and Weight Loss in Virginia, I can help you improve your health with a program that’s designed to fit your individual needs. Fill out my online form to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. I’m looking forward to helping you create a healthy lifestyle.